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  2. Mountain Mama. Cantwell Cliffs. Hocking Hills. Ohio. #lookingatappalachia

  3. Bow tie buddies.

  4. Laverne Cox in all of her glory!

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  7. "Maybe home is nothing but two arms holding you tight when you’re at your worst."
    — Yara Bashraheel  (via sundaylatte)

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  8. "Appalachia is a rich and beautiful land steeped in tradition and open to change. It is home to countless storytellers and stories without end. Both its lushness and its rockiness teach us to make our way in the world, but Appalachia never leaves us."
    — Henry Louis Gates, Encyclopedia of Appalachia (via themeanone)

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  9. This silly girl is totally my #wcw

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  10. The fabulous, awe inspiring, Laverne Cox.

  11. Iron & Wine at The Grog Shop. Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

  12. At Rust Belt Brewing Co

    Women in Menswear.

  13. The absolute best!

  14. Two people I truly admire got married yesterday. Congratulations Jess and Chris! We’re all rooting for you!

  15. A few of my favorites.